About Us

Owning a butcher shop has always been a dream of Michael “Mike” McKeever’s and it is a great fit for his father in-law too, Lawrence “Larry” Russolino, a trained chef, who worked in countless restaurants for over 40 years. The dream became a reality when Mike and Larry teamed up to create Barrington Butchery.


Mike McKeever


Co-founder, Mike Mckeever grew up in his family-owned IGA in Warwick, McKeever’s Market, where he learned the trade from a professional butcher. After the family store was sold, Mike went into retail meat cutting at a large supermarket chain. For over 10 years, Mike strengthened his knife skills and perfected his craft. Mike’s focus is preparing the finest cuts of meat to please his customers. “I am very passionate about this business, and it will be a tribute to my Dad, who passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. I think it is important to get back to basics with food, the freshest meats, the freshest produce, that is what a good meal is all about,” said Mike.


Larry Russolino


Mike’s partner and co-founder, also his father in-law, Lawrence Russolino. “Larry” is a graduate of the first culinary class at Johnson & Wales University. When customers stop in to the Barrington Butchery, they can ask Larry about preparations for any of the quality products on sale - chickens, turkey, pork, beef and specialty items. Along with Larry’s culinary expertise, he brings a knowledge of providing the most cost-effective products and best ingredients to achieve customer satisfaction. “I am excited to get to know our customers, and finding out what we can provide to make them happy. I love food, talking about food, preparing food, and of course eating food. Happy to share my thoughts and recipes with you and look for our recipe cards at the counter too,” said Larry.